I have created small-group workshops to help you navigate your divorce, in a safe space, with expert advice and guidance.

I have collaborated with Stowe Family Law in Bristol to create workshops where you can work with me in a small group to explore your feelings, get clarity, make clear decisions and focus on moving forward positively. The workshops are for anyone, and you do not have to be a Stowe client to book on and attend.

The workshops will include tools and strategies to help you cope with your separation and support your children to minimise any negative impact on them. They are designed to help you develop the skills to communicate more effectively with your ex, control and manage your emotions so that you can respond rather than react, build resilience and confidence, and move forward positively towards your new future.

All of my workshops are in small groups, in a confidential and relaxed space.


When you attend one of my workshops, I can help you to:

  • move from crisis to calm, confusion to confidence, chaos to creation

  • gain clarity and avoid overwhelm

  • understand what you can control, and let go of the rest

  • build your resilience and strength

  • create and establish supportive boundaries

  • respond rather than react, taking the heat out of your communication

  • handle the uncertainty of divorce

  • reduce escalation of conflict

  • get to know yourself again, and create a new life you are excited to live

Hope through Divorce - Workshops for separated parents

Are you struggling to manage your separation?

Worried about the negative impact on your children?

Need advice on how to focus on moving on positively and more amicably?

My next workshop, “Talking with your children confidently through divorce”, with Mette Theilmann of Parenting Success Coaching will be on Thursday 14 March 2019, at Stowe Family Law in Bristol.

It can be really challenging to tell your children that you are separating, and this session will include tips on how to talk to your children about your separation without causing them to feel guilt, anger or confusion. We will explore words to use and NOT to use, and guidelines around what to say, and not to say. We will also look at how you can encourage open communication before, during and after your separation, and discuss ways to build a healthy and strong connection confidently.

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