My Metamorphosis Programme

I created my Metamorphosis programme with you in mind.  

I love the imagery of the dragonfly.  In many cultures, the dragonfly is seen as a symbol of change, growth and self-discovery.  The dragonfly undergoes hardship before it emerges triumphant, to greet the world with beautiful, glimmering wings, ready to soar.

It is easy in a relationship or marriage to lose touch with aspects of yourself, or to sacrifice some of your own needs and desires.  When you work with me, like the dragonfly we will go on a journey of discovery, to find out who you are, and what you want your phenomenal new life to look like.


Metamorphosis is designed to help you move through your emotions around your divorce, overcome the challenges you may meet on the way, and ultimately to redefine and rediscover yourself so that you can create the future you want.  

My Metamorphosis programme is flexible, personalised and tailored to your needs.

I always begin by asking you to answer a few short questions about where you are now.  Then we'll schedule a 45 minute Metamorphosis Exploration call, during which we can introduce ourselves, and explore how I can best support you on your journey. 

I feel much more sorted from the inside out now. I like the new refreshed me that you are helping me to find and the potential it offers. All a good platform to enable lots of exciting and positive things to come my way. Thank you so much – it’s life changing!
— L, Somerset
I’m not sure I’d be in the place I am now if I hadn’t been able to talk it all through with you. You’ve been on this journey with me. Thanks for your support.
— N, Bristol