Lydia’s story

Lydia came to see me after attending one of my workshops at Stowe Family Law. She was anxious and fearful, and unsure what to do for the best in challenging circumstances.

When I first went to see Claire I was, quite frankly, in a state of anxiety and fear over my changing circumstances and I needed some guidance on how to deal with my emotions in a positive and productive way. I was trying to reach a final decision about my relationship, and felt confused and unable to separate my emotions from logic.

Claire’s coaching provided me with the skills to accept all the emotions that I felt, whilst helping me to turn any negative thoughts and patterns into something more manageable and constructive. It enabled me to feel more safe and calm with my thoughts which in turn made any decisions a lot easier to manage.

I had an “aha” moment when I realised that I cannot control other people’s thoughts or responses. Instead of being consumed with doing this I then had the energy and strength to determine how I felt and what was best for me. Claire also helped me to understand that I always had options.

Claire had a very calming effect and instilled a quiet confidence in me at what was quite a distressing moment in my life. I use the skills that Claire taught me on a daily basis. I can protect my thoughts and feel confident with the difficult decisions and conversations that I face.

Claire is a very warm and smart woman, who allowed me to make big realisations through my own work. It is not easy to step back and take an in depth look at who you are and how you deal with things. But her methods were not intrusive or overbearing but instead simple and practical.

I would highly recommend working with Claire (and already have!)