Jodie’s story

Jodie came to see me a couple of months after her husband had left out of the blue. She was facing a lot of decisions about her future, and was unsure which way to turn. She felt overwhelmed by the process in front of her, and was worried about the potential impact of the separation on their children.

When I first met with Claire, I was recently separated from my husband and facing a very frightening and uncertain future. I had lots of decisions to make, huge amounts of heartache and fear, and I was worried about how to do my best. I was confused, fuddled and not feeling confident about making the big decisions that I was facing. I was angry, heartbroken and in a lot of pain, but putting on a brave face and trying to battle through. It was exhausting – I couldn’t sleep and was running on pure adrenaline.

Claire showed me that every challenge I face presents itself with lots of choices that I could make to move forward. Coaching gave me tools to approach overwhelming scenarios with clarity and a feeling of confidence that I could find a way forward that was in my best interests. I realised I was able to control my busy head and stop my imagination running away with me.

Claire helped me to start healing from the inside out. The process and techniques required a lot of concentration and inner reflection – it was a real investment in who I am, who I want to be and how I will get there – I wish I’d done this years ago.

I have improved my people skills, and I am now able to face other people’s comments or interactions with confidence. Claire helped me to prepare what I could say during scenarios that I was fearful about facing.

Creating a vision for my new home and new life gave me real clarity and focus – and meant that I started to believe that my innermost hopes could actually become a reality.

I’m also able to talk to my children and really listen and support them - this was a big concern for me.

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt is that I am not a fixed person and can develop and grow emotionally, even in middle age! I have learned such a lot about who I really am, not the persona that I put out to the world. I am truthful with my feelings now and recognise them and how to act on them.

I am a lot braver than I thought I was and can accomplish a lot of things now, I have stronger inner confidence and feel a lot more in control of what happens next.

Claire is very warm, approachable and able to listen. I left every session with positivity and a feeling of progression that is sustainable. Claire makes you feel safe and enables you to be really honest with yourself. She uses lots of different ways that are right for the way you are, and adapts her practice to you as an individual.

I have already recommended Claire and her process to lots of friends with confidence. I found each session to be positive, full of insights and was given techniques and homework to practice – every time I put Claire’s advice into practice it worked!!