The Bristol Break-up Club

Offering small-group support and workshops to help you navigate your divorce, in a safe space, with expert advice and guidance.


Are you:

  • Feeling heartbroken at the end of a relationship?

  • Going through a separation or divorce?

  • Not sure where to turn or what to do?

  • Feeling alone and scared of the future?

  • Overwhelmed by your emotions?

  • Unsure who you are anymore?

  • Anxious about communication with your ex?

  • Confused by all the decisions you need to make?

Then the Bristol Break-up Club is for you.

What is the Bristol Break-up Club?

A series of ongoing workshops to help you cope better with your break-up or divorce, run by me in collaboration with experienced divorce lawyers from Stowe Family Law.

Together, we will show you ways to handle your emotions, take back your power, overcome fears, challenge your way of thinking and focus on moving on positively.

Workshops are open to everyone and are friendly, informal, safe and welcoming. You do not have to be a client at Stowe Family Law.

What will I gain from attending the workshops?

Each of the catch-ups will give you new ideas and techniques to take back control of your life, overcome your fears, rebuild your confidence and self-esteem, see choices and possibilities, and create a blueprint for a new and exciting life.

How often are the workshops?

We meet monthly, and each meeting will cover a different aspect of any break-up. Workshops are charged at £20 + booking fee per workshop and places are limited.

how can i join the club and attend?

Click on the links below to book onto the sessions:

This session will help you to understand and prepare for the journey ahead, emotionally and practically. We will consider the guiding principles that you want to live by during the process, and how to create your support team. On a practical level, you will learn how to be as prepared as you can be, including how to prepare legally and financially.

This session will give you simple and effective tips to help you handle the overwhelming early days of your separation. We will include techniques and strategies to help you shift your focus, take care of yourself, and feel stronger and more confident.

This session will help you to plan for Christmas post-separation. We will consider ways in which you can plan to create new traditions for you and your family over the Christmas period, and how you can make empowered choices to enjoy Christmas, even though it is perhaps different to before.

This session will help you to identify your fears, and give you strategies to get clarity and take back your power. We will consider ways in which you can take back your control and see choices and options, access your own resources and strength, and focus on the steps you can take to move forward.

This session will give you techniques to improve communication with your ex. We'll look at your long term goals and wishes, and show you ways to take the emotion out of your communication. We will look at how you can respond rather than react, and how you can change how you think and speak so that you can communicate more effectively and with clear boundaries.

This session will help you to prepare emotionally and practically for court, mediation, and meetings with your ex. We will show you powerful yet simple ways in which you can reduce the anxiety you may feel so that you feel confident and strong, and can hold your head up high.

This session will be run by special guest, Nicki Mors, a specialist travel expert. Nicki will help you address any concerns you may have about travelling alone or with your children, and give you lots of ideas of holidays to try and explore. This session will be fun and exciting, and very much future-focussed, leaving you feeling inspired!

Focus on building your confidence and self-esteem. We'll focus on you, what qualities you have, and what you can feel proud of. We will also look at how you can tell your story differently to fuel your self-confidence, and consider ways in which you can reframe your experience to leave feeling positive.

Dive into what really matters to you, what you want your new life to look like, and what you most value. You are who you choose to become! We'll also look at dating again, and how to design your ideal partner, including must-haves and deal-breakers, and how to stay safe on the dating scene.

This session will focus on how you can create your vision for a new and vibrant future. We will look at your goals, dreams and aspirations, and create a post-separation bucket list to motivate and excite you. We'll also work out what small steps you can take right now to start moving towards those dreams, and create a life that you are excited to live.